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If you’re not a fan of endless semi-arid steppe and decaying industrial cities, Kazakhstan (Kazakstan) may seem bleak, but those who enjoy remoteness, wide open spaces, lunar landscapes, long hypnotic train rides and horse sausage will definitely be in their element.


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the rise of YNTY MAQ

It took several days of deliberation before we settled on the name for this blog. Some of the front runners were:

Bridge of friendship…Dostyk kuperi
My name is…Menym atym
hand over heart

A couple of us liked “hand over heart” (too patriotic?) and “bridge of friendship” (sounds kind of weird?) but we unanimously decided that we wanted to use a Kazakh word with respect to the project and the country that is giving us this exciting opportunity to create art within it’s borders.

We finally settled on YNTY MAQ which means “collaboration, solidarity and unity” when translated from Kazakh to English. We thought it best describes what we are hoping to achieve on this trip and I just kind of like how the words sound. YNTY MAQ son!

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