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finally, horse meat

Where's the beef?

Where's the beef?

The verdict? Not bad at all.

Two extremely talented Kazakh artists, Saule and Kyuanish, served us our first home cooked Kazakh meal and it was delish. Stuffed peppers, pickled herring, lots of Vodka and of course the horse meat. We were all delighted to have something other than airplane and restaurant food.

The horse meat was what we all had waiting for though and we gotta say it was kinda tasty. Sorta like a cross between pastrami and corned beef. Saltly like bacon. Would go well with scrambled eggs. Holler.


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five must do things in KAZAKHSTAN

1. Eat as much food as possible. Horse sausage included.

2. Record shopping. Kazakh breaks!??! Yes, please!

3. mixtapemixtape!!! stickering. Promotional opportunities never cease.

4. Taste as much local beer and vodka as time allows. And there’s always time for alcohol.

5. Dispel the myths of the fat, imperial American. Just as Borat has obviously skewed the American idea of the Kazakh people, let us also realize that the general idea of an American is perverted by the oil hungry, American business men that visit their country. It’s our job to let them know that those people do not represent all of us. That there are other Americans that do not necessarily agree with the overall practices of our government and that we have much to learn. We are the new Ambassadors. And we embrace that.

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